Why Are Tote Bags So Great?

So what is a tote bag? 

Tote bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bags that we use every day. It is a reusable bag that can be washed and used over and over. Many retail stores are adopting the concept of using tote bags to reduce the use of single-use plastic. The world is far from dropping nonbiodegradable plastics but tote bags are one step towards fixing this too. 

While reusable tote bags are not a new concept, recent times have taken a popular stance towards this bag. Tote bags are also no longer limited to simply women. Both men and women and even children now enjoy the joys of tote bags. 

Malaysia is not new to the trend of quirky tote bags. They have a selection of it at every house. But the rest of the world is still slowly learning the beauty of a tote bag.  There are so many brands that have glamorized the world of tote bags. Social media has done a great job at branding them as essential. And it helps that, they are truly effective and very helpful. (If you are looking to brand your personal tote bag, find out more social marketing services Malaysia that provides social media branding) 

Tote Bags Are Eco-Friendly

Tote bags are eco-friendly for a number of reasons. Being reusable is one of the most obvious and the biggest reasons. But a tote bag not only replaces a plastic shopping bag or two you might end up wasting or throwing out. When you consistently throw your shopping bags after every single use you are not only polluting the land but also the marine life. When polluted this affects our food chain, biodiversity, and impacts climate change. 

Tote bags are also eco-friendly because the materials used to make totes can be always recycled. The material could be anything depending on how you are making it. So many opt for making totes out of recycles plastic as well which is a winning effort towards combatting climate change. Some also use tote bags made out of fabric that is no longer used or wasted as a result of cutting or weaving. To use fabric and recycle them is a lot easier than having to recycle plastic in the long run 

Tote Bags Support Economy 

Hear me out? Do you see the number of people running tote bag businesses these days? Every time we choose to buy from our local small shops, instead of big international brand names, we are helping the growth of small businesses. And the growth of small businesses means our economy is also growing. So why not support the local talent and their efforts to combat climate change while simultaneously showcasing their talent with tote bags? Some paint, some do embroidery, some do prints. Nevertheless the method, there is a tote for you out there. A tote that suits tastes and interests. 

Tote Bags Are Fashionable 

Totes go with everything. A beach day out? Get a large tote made out of rattan. Picnic kind of day? Maybe opt for a white feminine tote to go with your dress. There are so many different types of totes and they are all for different fashionable tastes. 

Hope this convinces you on your first big tote purchase. We promise you won’t regret the decision to rock a tote.

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