MLM: May not be as good as you think

As the cases of COVID-19 are starting to surge recently, more people are left jobless and business opportunities are harder to find as companies are adapting to the changes to the economy to stay afloat. But, most non-essential companies are not able to maintain their business as not only customers are not allowed due to the standard operating procedure (SOP), but also due to the government restricting non-essential companies from opening. By the time the SOP lightens, these companies have already met their end before they can open their business again. Because of that, there aren’t many business opportunities for young adults to gain income from and many more jobless people are stuck in their home unable to generate income to pay for food let alone rent. But, there is one way that they could generate income even at the comfort of their home without getting a proper job and that is affiliating themselves with multi level marketing companies. 

Multi level marketing, or MLM for short, is a networking marketing strategy that involves an investor recruiting a distributor to sell their products and are paid accordingly by their sales. MLM has seen a surge in popularity recently as most people, even the least uneducated about business, are able to get into MLM to generate income especially during lockdown. With our technology becoming so advanced, getting into the MLM business is easy as some companies would approach interested individuals to work together. So you might be wondering “If I invest into MLM, I can get rich easily!” right? 

Well, it is much more complicated than just that.. First of all, MLM is not as easy as leaving your business aside and letting money flow into your bank account. By becoming a distributor, you are required to search high and low for any potential customers to generate as much sales as possible. So no matter what your current employment status is, MLM is as equally taxing as committing to a full-time job. Secondly, MLM has been considered as one of the most controversial strategies in the marketing and business world. MLM companies are infamously known for practicing a pyramid scheme which goes against the fundamentals of MLM as they would have their distributors to recruit people instead of selling products. With all that said, one would question themselves, is MLM considered legal when it’s so infamous for its unethical business practices? Well sadly, yes. On paper, MLM software developer companies like Tupperware, Avon and Nu Skin are allowed to operate as they are following the appropriate procedures. However, some of the most well known MLM companies in the world like Amway, Herbalife and LuLaRoe are known to be practicing unethical methods of operating their businesses. 
WIth MLM companies being at the edge of losing business completely, it is hard for some legitimate companies to convince others to become their distributors. Knowing the history of MLM companies, there’s no doubt that people are highly suspicious of MLM companies that even groups and forums are created to specifically warn others about the dark side of investing into MLM business and eventually lead to the whole industry to shut down completely.

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