LoL vs DOTA 2: Which MOBA is better?

Starting from a game of two bars deflecting a ball to games with large maps, realistic graphics and intense story, video games have advanced so much that the general public has started to see video games in a new light when they were used to be frowned upon. They were even rumored to be a part of the Olympics in the near future. Some of the games that will mostly be part of the Olympics are League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA). They are the most popular multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, games in the world and they have their own tournaments held annually. But, when you ask players which MOBA game is better, some are willingly to bet DOTA 2 is a better game between the two. So, what is the difference between the two games and why are they popular?

DOTA 2 was published by Steam in 2013 and was released as an official game based on a mod in World of Warcraft 3. Although it was published later and has less monthly players than LoL, it has more players peaking daily at 567 thousand players. During the days as a mod in World of Warcraft 3, it was considered as one of the pioneers of MOBA games as the game mode was widely spread among the gaming community members. The game was so successful that Valve, the creator of Steam and games like the Half-Life and Portal series, offered to create a sequel of the game by making it as a standalone game and recreating all of DOTA’s playable characters with higher graphics. DOTA 2 is also more accessible for gamers through Steam as Steam is a well-known gaming platform where games can be bought and installed through it to access online features.

LoL was published  by Riot Games back in 2009 and currently has 115 million monthly players with 50 million players peaking daily. It was created to compete against DOTA and managed to garner a large player base of its own while introducing unique character rosters of their own. Initially when LoL was in beta test, it was available limited to players who have bought their CDs but it was later released as a free-to-play game for the public. In order to expand their player base, Garena offered to host their own servers for SEA, but as a consequence Riot will have no control on the contents displayed on Garena’s server other than the biweekly patches. The difference between both servers affect the player base as Garena would oftenly release new champions a week after the patch and Garena has been known to have occasional events that motivate SEA players to spend their money to purchase skins by offering discounts depending on the occasion.

 Although there are many other MOBA games with their own unique concepts, LoL and DOTA 2 are the only two MOBA games that will never be favored over other games. Despite that, both games are known to have some of the most toxic community members, so new players should be careful when they step into the world of MOBA.

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