A Building Structure’s Essential Materials

The following are the materials that make up a building. Check out building material distributor malaysia.


A foundation is needed to distribute the building‘s weight evenly on the ground and to avoid damaging settlements. As a result, solid ground is required for the foundations.


When constructing a structure, it’s common to build a plinth on top of the foundation, just above ground level. It raises the ground level of the floor so that no surface water may enter the building.

Plinth Beam

The kind of building structure and soil composition determine the design of a plinth beam. It increases the stability of the structure in the case of a settlement or damage from a seismic event.


It’s on this level that we do the majority of the job. Over the plinth filling and on subsequent floors, flooring is laid.

Various materials may be used for flooring, but it’s essential that the soil under the floor be adequately compacted. In order to prevent moisture from rising to the surface and to offer a stable foundation that can be kept hygienic and clean, flooring is often used in buildings.


Walls are the vertical elements that support the roof in the long run. Bricks, stones, mud, concrete blocks, lateritic blocks, and other materials may be used to construct them. If the walls are quite long, it may be necessary to install columns to support the roof

Walls serve as both a means of isolation and a barrier for confinement. Apart from that, walls provide security and privacy while also shielding you from the elements. Access and ventilation are facilitated by having holes in the walls.


In addition to being used as doors and windows, openings in the walls also serve as ventilators. Doors allow entry, while windows and ventilators let light and air in.


A staircase is a set of steps that serve as a means of getting from one level to another, as well as landings.

It is the staircase’s location in a building that is referred to as the apartment or room. The space used by a staircase is referred to as a stairway opening.

RCC stair, wooden stair, metal stair, brick step are just few of the numerous kinds of stairs seen in construction projects.


The roof serves to protect both the structure and the occupants. The walls support the roof, and it must be correctly secured to avoid being damaged by wind and other mechanical forces.. No matter what shape or style it takes, a roof will eventually be either flat or sloping.


What are the 5 Types of Building Construction?

The structure’s outermost layer of protection is its external finishes, which keep it from deteriorating. The layers applied to interior faces are known as internal finishes. They’re tough as nails, but they also look great on the inside.