Why Go For The House For Rent Dutamas?

The tenant must remember that when renting an apartment, he takes responsibility for the property provided. Thus, the transaction imposes obligations not only on the landlord, but also on the tenant. The rules for renting an apartment are quite simple; they can be formulated in some points. They applicable in the house for rent Dutamas also.

Determine your priorities

What is more critical for you proximity to the center, low price or well-developed infrastructure. This will help you choose the most suitable apartment option and not waste energy looking through dozens of options throughout the city. 

Choose trusted sources of information

The ads on the fence are no longer relevant. It is better to pay attention to the project “Revision of apartments”, which in 2.5 years has won the trust of tenants throughout Ukraine. So you will protect yourself from scammers. 

Be careful when viewing

Try to notice the details, condition of furniture, plumbing and household appliances. This is necessary so that the owner cannot later accuse you of damaging the property. 

Check all documents

It is very important that you have the sole owner of the property in front of you and if there are still owners in the documents, so that they write a consent or a power of attorney. Another way to check is to search for an apartment in the real estate registry. So you can independently find out whether the data provided by the owner is true. 

How to find an apartment or house in the property register – step by step instructions 

Secure yourself with a contract. This is the main rule of renting an Dutamas apartment, which can save you later from sudden price increases or even eviction. 

Inspection of housing, inventory of property 

It is better to inspect housing twice. The first time is an introductory one, which will give you an idea of ​​what you are dealing with and whether the proposed housing conditions suit you in principle. This can be done both during a personal visit and with the help of 360 panoramas. The second time is more thorough. During it, together with the owner, you will draw up an act of acceptance and transfer of the property that is in the apartment: furniture, appliances, fittings, plumbing, accessories, etc. A property inventory is often included with a security deposit. It represents the amount that the landlord has for the entire rental period of the tenant. 

Deposit when renting an apartment: views and pitfalls 

The insurance deposit is returned upon completion of the contractual obligations, unless an insured event has occurred: damage to property in the apartment, etc. 

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