Web Design Mistakes That Shouldn’t Be There

Good web design is supposed to cover every aspect of its smooth navigation to have a seamless experience. This includes the attractive visual facade and its effective arrangement from the most important columns to the least. The best aspect to focus on is the confidence your website oozes out. We commonly hear people saying less is more, and that is the truth for most things in nature. When lesser things are sharing the same space, we will focus entirely on each product more than scrambling around cluelessly choosing only the ones you pick to review. 

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However, in most cases of small businesses that create the website on their own, they tend to dismiss this aspect and go all out with overfilling the space with elements and in coexisting colour choice. Although it is highly advisable to be original with the theme and better to make sure we are not plagiarising from other websites, being too original to the point it gets too flashy and unusual is not the way for it. Most of the cases end up with the users unable to make up how to navigate the website and leave it behind after all. If you have very little information on how to design your website, you can consult website designers Malaysia to get the best insights on this. 

People might think that after updating the stocks and products availability as well as the new collection, it is totally fine to drop the website without updating anything else. This is the wrong step in handling your business. It will also impact your web design format badly. When you have no other stocks to update, it is time for you to create more contents that are not related to new products. The best thing you can try doing is putting up a blog section. This side of your website can be a stop centre for your consumers to get to know you and your business vision better. If you are not updating anything, it will be deemed as out-of-date by others due to inactivity. You can also adopt the newsletter option for your current customers so that they can keep track of your collections. 

People never like pop-ups especially those free advertisements that will redirect them to a totally new website that they are never engrossed in. To avoid this from happening, you need to put call-to-action buttons more instead. These buttons work well to engage with your customers and it will seem like an unplanned move. This tip includes the subscription to the newsletter button where they just need to fill in their email address and also your business social media for them to give a follow. When you have a social media account, it is easier to interact with your customers in a more friendly way. You also can be more of yourself by interacting with them regarding their interests, personal issues and how your products can change their lives. When you have a close bond with them, you can get them to give honest feedback and improve more with time.