The rise of video games in competitive environment

Sports have been a staple of entertainment in everyone’s life. It features a group or an individual who have dedicated their lives to prove themselves that they are better than the rest. With so many sports, it is hard for one to not find a favorite sport to invest into with some sports like football, baseball and soccer being more popular in certain countries, some niche sports like archery, skeet shooting and skiing have their own community as well. As these sports became more popular, they eventually got to host their own tournaments annually such as the NBA, Super bowl, FIFA and many more with less popular sports tend to hold tournaments locally instead. Many sports fans look forward to these tournaments to see who’s the best player of the sport and how they will play through the competition.

In recent years, technology has advanced to the point where sports games allow fans to play as their favorite celebrities while experiencing the strategies involved. This helps to enhance sports fans’ interest and knowledge to make their experience feel fresh everytime they watch a match. However, video games are slowly gaining more popularity among the younger audience as competitive games such as CSGO, LoL, DOTA 2 and Rainbow 6 Siege are getting more spotlight in the competitive spotlight which eventually lead to a new form of sports for games, e-sports. These games attract more younger audience because what video games stands out compared to their physical versions are some of the games are available to play as free-to-play games which allows the audience to witness the strategies used, items build for certain characters and combinations that will help to bring a fresher experience to the game’s life which is lacking in sports. In addition to that, these games are consistently being updated to change from minor adjustments to major overhaul to a character or a map, making the game feel new even for long time players and raising their expectations on how the changes will affect the competitive environment. E-sports have garnered so much attention that it will be held in the Paris Olympics 2024 along with other activities to encourage France citizens to participate in a large physical and virtual event. 

Although video games are not as physically demanding as sports, it still has its own unique requirements which involve players to reach a certain rank in competitive games to prove that they are capable of handling themselves in a competitive environment. This motivates the gaming community to improve themselves and compete against others to prove they are better than the rest by obtaining a high rank to stand out among the crowd. Video games have gained more popularity in recent years as some games provide a unique storytelling that changes one’s perspective that video games are just more than entertainment with various games such as Nier: Automata, The Witcher 3, Dark Souls and DOTA becoming the huge influencers in the gaming industry that has spawned various smaller games following their footsteps.

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