Romantic Comedy K-Drama That You Should Watch

If you want to watch movies, dramas or tv series, you must know what the genre are before watching it. There are various types of genres that you can choose from such as thriller, sad, romantic, comedy, family or horror. Everyone must have at least one favourite genre that they will make priority when it comes to watching movies, dramas or tv series. And my favourite is romantic comedy.

Romantic comedy or commonly called rom-com is a genre which in its broadest sense, romantic comedy encompasses any films that depict love, courting, and marriage in a comedic light. The term “comic” in this case refers to the film’s atmosphere rather than its storyline. A film comedy does not have to have a happy finish, and not all films with happy endings qualify as comedies.

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Here are some romantic comedy k-dramas that you should watch

1.       Boys Over Flower

Though this is one of the first famous Korean dramas in Malaysia, one of the earliest, this drama is enjoyable by people from various ranges of ages due to the storyline. Even the owner of an online casino in Malaysia watches this drama. Boys Over Flowers is a traditional teen drama about a bunch of popular/privileged/not-so-nice boys at Shinhwa High School. The F4 clique bullies others to get their way—that is, until a working-class girl called Geum Jan-di comes at the school on scholarship and stands up to the boys.

2.       The Penthouse

Have you ever heard of people talking about this drama series? It really is wrecking your nerves. Penthouse follows three rich families as they vie for dominance in the elite Hera Palace community–a magnificent 100-story high-rise that protrudes into the Seoul skyline. The series, like its forefathers, revolves around three ladies who bury their different secrets and traumas beneath mounds of money and their infinite dreams for their children. Their world begins to unravel after a mystery girl dies, and the three attempt to conceal the site of her death in order to maintain Hera Palace’s reputation. It is a wreck, and I love it.

3.       Start – up

If you love Suzy Bae and Nam Joo-Hyuk, this drama is the best for you. The plot revolves on a group of young people who are all eager to launch their own enterprises. When Seo Dal-mi and Nam Do-san, are picked to enter Sandbox (a tech accelerator for entrepreneurs), along with Seo’s sister Won In-jae, the three are thrown against each other in a competition to see who is the greatest. Dal-mi has no idea that someone crucial from her past (Han Ji-pyeong, played by Kim Sun-ho) is rooting for her throughout her start-up adventure. After you have watched this drama, let me know who you are rooting for; Dal-Mi and Han Ji-pyeong or Dal-Mi and Do-San.

4.       Vincenzo

Vincenzo is the story for you if you’re searching for anything in the middle of the Venn Diagram of “K-Drama” and “Mafia Drama.” Song Joong-ki plays Vincenzo, a Korean guy who was adopted by an Italian mafia family and raised in the mob life in Italy. When Vincenzo’s adoptive father dies, his adopted brother plots his assassination, causing him to escape back to Seoul. There is also some plot twist towards the end of the episodes and you will be blown by it.