Ghosting: Why It Happen And How To Deal With It

The workings of the world can be overwhelming sometimes. There will be times when all you would like to do is to shut down from everything and let the consequences play without your presence. Or even go as far as overworking yourself in the pemasangan sistem saliran bumbung to distract yourself from excessive worrying about practically something or nothing. Today, there is a new culture in social relations where you cut off someone with no explanation whatsoever. This new modern trend is called ghosting, and it can actually hurt in a one-sided way.

A 2018 academic research on ghosting found that 25% of people have firsthand experience of being ghosted and about 20% have done the ghosting themselves. Ghosting is defined as a happening when someone ceases all forms of contact and communication abruptly without any explanation or providing any closure. This is a common phenomenon in today’s social culture and can leave one party to feel deeply hurt, betrayed and disrespected, especially those with attachment issues.

Why People Ghosts

  1. To prevent from facing any confrontation or conflict head-on
  2. It is more convenient way to stop communicating entirely
  3. When emotions become too much to handle, they are unsure how they feel and would rather not work through it.
  4. Lack of interest or invested in the relationship and believe they are inflicting less pain by ghosting rather than honesty.
  5. They do not feel like they are in a safe space to openly express how they truly feel.
  6. Fear of being a disappointment.
  7. They have the awareness of being unable to meet the other party’s needs and thus, conclude it with a withdrawal.
  8. Their boundaries are repetitively violated (which can be a justifiable act for ghosting)

The Outcome Of Ghosting

Not everyone minds, but the possibility is never zero. Majority found ghosting to be triggering, especially those who have unhealed childhood attachment issues and can bring up repressed memories of emotional neglect and abandonment. Therefore, it is a one-sided effect where the ones who got ghosted will be left feeling deeply hurt, distressed and rejected regardless of how much they have invested in the other person who ghosted them. 

Ways To Handle The Ghosting

Try To Be In Their Shoes

It is not about what you did, they might have external factors that do not involve you. Reach an understanding that their ghosting behaviour and inability to communicate their feelings is for them to work out, and may not be because of you and your worth alone. 

A Blessing In Disguise

It may be difficult to comprehend, but it may be a silver lining for you. It could be bad to pursue further interactions with them, therefore make it into a fuel to help you move on with life.

Do Not Bottle It In

Emotions can be dangerous when being held in until it is too much. Keep talking or journaling or do anything to let go of those constricted emotions for the sadness, anger and pain to be less intense. Flush it out like a roof drainage system.

No matter how common ghosting can be, it is no doubt a devastating occurrence for those who can be emotionally affected with being abandoned without any closure.