Best Romantic Anime Movies To Watch

We all know that anime come from the famous Asian country Japan and there are a lot of genres when it comes to anime. They basically got all types of genres covered from sports to romantic. They have it all, and best to say that you don’t have to be an ‘Otaku’ to enjoy watching these anime movies

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Your Name 

If you are someone that loves mystery and a hint of romance, you need to watch this movie ASAP! Two people from two cities that have two completely different live somehow exchange bodies with each other? Talk about mystery. What is the whole reason behind this movie? This is a beautiful anime movie with a beautiful storyline and they even won an award for it. 

5 Centimeters per Second

From friends to lovers trope, this is one of the best romantic anime movies ever made. The cinematography and the storyline are really beautiful and by the end of this movie, it’ll leave you feeling sad and satisfied. A story of two people that have been friends since the beginning and suddenly, they have to be separated and apart from each other. Will, they are able to see each other again, and what happens if they ever meet? 

A Silent Voice 

An emotional romantic movie about a bully and a deaf girl. How are their lives intertwined with each other and how do you forgive someone that has made a part of your life one of the most horrible memories for you? Will you even be able to forgive them? You’ll be touched in the heart by this movie and it’ll make you sobs at the end of the movie. 

Weathering With You 

This anime movie really made people from all over the world queue at the cinema to get a ticket. Even Uniqlo the big clothing brand release a clothing item collaborating with their movie. It’s a romance and coming out of age type of movie, telling a story of two people and how one of them has the ability to control the weather. 

The Wind Rises 

Okay, if you really want a movie to cry to. This is definitely that type of movie. A story about a young boy that is passionate about airplane and how his condition doesn’t allow him to pursue his dream and then somewhere along the path he meets the love of his life. And when life seems perfect for him, the one that he truly loves was diagnosed with a chronicle disease?  What will happen to them? Will, both of them got their happy ending? 

From Up On Poppy Hill

From Studio Ghibli, this is one of the best anime movies about two high school teenagers. Trying to change their lives after the horrifying event of WWII these two teenagers will slowly catch feelings with each other and how they live their life.